Tip To Power Your Digital Marketing in 2016

digitalmarketingseoInternet usage has reached the fever pitch with an estimated 12.8 million internet users as of June 2015, 99% of whom able to access broadband connections. It has created tremendous opportunities for marketers, and digital marketing is now the name of the game. User driven content characterized by web 2.0, SEO and digital marketing has revolutionized the way business is done.

There is a departure from traditional marketing media, i.e., print and TV to versatile social and digital media. Consumers, Marketers are favoring the new media, and the entire marketing landscape has transitioned to the web. It’s, therefore, important to have a web design that takes care of the emerging trends to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some tips to remain relevant is the changing marketing ecosystem.

1. Create a mobile site
The mobile devices are the fastest growing channel, owing to the uptake of smart devices that gives the ultimate convenience and flexibility. Nowadays people spend more time on mobile devices. Experts estimate that the use of smartphones will outpace desktop by 2018. Mobile based sites have ushered in a new era of ads and platforms for advertising. Marketers have to change tact and strategies to tap into the new relationship between brands and end users. Time is ripe to have the effective web design that is mobile friendly.

2. Use Online Video is taking shape, look out
To succeed, look for video channels in 2016. It is estimated that consumer video streaming will be 80% by 2019. TV ad spending is dwindling while, streaming and video advertising is rising. The video is becoming an important medium for communicating products perceptions. Innovations in social applications like, Youtube Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, revolves around finding solutions for video content in marketing. Live video or streaming has become a centerpiece for digital marketers engaging in video ad strategies and video SEO.

3. Re-align social media strategies
Digital marketers spend more of their budget on social media according to a recent survey.in the same vein 66% of entrepreneurs believe that social media has the significant effect on their return on investment and is therefore considered fundamental marketing tool. Apart from reputation management, social media ads can help nullify competitors actions and power your marketing goals.

4. Focus on content marketing
Content is critical, when it comes to digital marketing. Is your content offering the readership a reason to keep brand loyalty? The use of fascinating articles, videos and graphical media that is responsive to the needs of the consumers remain the key to success in digital marketing. Web marketing, SEO, and paid search marketing, as well as PPC, are some of the strategies that go hand in hand. You need to take advantage of the existing platform and create content that is organic and friendly to search engines. An SEO agency can assist a great deal, and help you deliver on your content marketing efforts.

All the digital marketing efforts are geared towards creating a customer experience that is personalized and recent. Marketing campaigns can be targeted to resonate well with the customer lifestyle. Marketers need to focus on consumers and position their brands to achieve a return on investment.

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