The Dynamics Of Mobile Friendly Web Design And Ecommerce

mobilefriendlyEvolution of the mobile-friendly web design is one of the impressive developments in the web development industry in Australia. The responsive design must automatically and dynamically adjust to whichever device is being used to view the website. As more and more people in Australia are searching for information from their mobile phones and tablets, responsive website design has a great impact on SEO and eCommerce. In order for a website to positively affect SEO, it should be versatile.

Web design and eCommerce are not “do it once and wait for money to flow in” kind of a thing. Both are dynamic and require continuous commitment for better outcome. If your customers use the internet to research and buy the goods or services you sell, then it’s your responsibility to embrace the technology to reach as many of them as possible. If you don’t, they’ll have no trouble spending their money elsewhere. In almost all cases, your goods and services are appropriate for digital marketing.

Dynamically adjusting website implies that the reader doesn’t have to make adjustments on their screens manually; it’s done automatically. A factor which is facilitating this evolution is Google’s upcoming change to award higher rankings to websites which are friendly to mobile phone users, while giving lower rankings to those that don’t meet the basic standards.

Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Enhances Local SEO Ranking

If local keywords are your target, an adjusting web design will greatly improve local search visibility for your website. With an increased number of mobile phone users in Australia searching for local business directions, a responsive design enables Google to identify that the website deserves a good position in local search results. On the contrary, when your website is not favorable to mobile phone users, it’ll have poor user experience resulting to high bounce rate. This will impact negatively on its position in search results.

Eliminates Duplicate Content

Web developers who create a separate mobile version of a website usually copy the original content from the main website to the mobile version. This generally leads to duplicated content and reduces the mobile site’s credibility in search engines. However, a mobile site that is responsively designed enables the website owner to create unique content and eliminate the challenges of the duplicate content.

Reduces Investment on SEO

Responsive web design will have a single URL for mobile phones, tablets and computers making it easier for search engines to crawl the URL’s content. All the features on the desktop version including Meta tags, search engine friendly content and internal link building structure will also be applicable to the mobile version. Again, link building efforts will be equally maintained for both versions with responsive design.

Saves Resources Spent On Mobile Development

Dynamically adjusting web design helps business owners save time and resources that would be otherwise channeled towards developing a separate mobile website. Selecting responsive design saves extra costs on mobile development support and maintenance.

Facilitates Conversion Rate

A website which is non-responsive is likely to have negative effects on your business as it’ll be unable to compete with other well-established websites. To keep your business growing, you should be able to reach more potential customers than your competitors. A dynamically adjusting design will ensure that you’ve a larger audience thus increasing your chances of conversion.

Based on the foregoing, the decision to have a dynamically adjusting website is entirely in your hands. What is important is that having a website that is optimized for mobile viewing is critical. It is important for easy accessibility to your mobile customers and how well they can find your website while searching for goods and services online.

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