Cherry Pickers, Travel Towers and Boom Lifts – EWP Equipments that Help Constructions Thrive

If you’re involved in a small construction project with heights issues, you need to use tools or equipment like a cherry picker or a travel tower for painting projects or electrical wiring. If you haven’t got the tools, there are rental companies that allow you to choose the right model to finish your project.

Painting and electrical wiring

Elevated work platforms or machines like cherry pickers are best to use for painting exteriors. It allows persons to reach heights. Cherry pickers are safe and a secure way to reach heights when painting exteriors or tall buildings. The enclosure allows the person to move around. It is a safe alternative to scaffolding. Like cherry pickers, boom lifts are also good for doing areas with heights. Using cherry pickers on the other hand also allows you to hold things or materials. It is also recommended for cutting trees and installations or electrical wiring. Getting your cherry picker from a rental company does not only safeguard your safety but also saves time in finishing the painting or electrical wiring and installation projects.

Fixing and installation of signage

Your safety and security matters most so it is best to use cherry pickers when fixing or installation of signage. Travel towers are also a good substitute as some models are foldable and can be attached to a pickup or SUV’s, and which allows easy transport from one area to another. Hence, signage that is of great height can be put workers at risk of fall accidents and using EWP equipment like cherry pickers and the likes get rid of such risks as the project commences and finished. Cherry pickers and towers are expensive but with a rental company, contractors can avail the models and brands to finish off the project.

Roof painting and cleaning

Roof contractors use cherry pickers to clean, repair, install and paint the roof. It allows movements and does hard-to-reach areas while providing safety for workers. Renting the equipments like travel towers helps contractors offer cheaper service cost and accepts elevated work as part of their services.

EWP equipment is important in constructions, and many try hard to keep a pool of them. However, when cost-saving is an issue, then renting or getting in partnership with a rental company resolves any budget restriction. Renting allows contractors to use and operate the brand and model they prefer or enjoy skilled manpower as rentals provide operators for some of the models. It is something that keeps construction business thrives through tough competitions and in delivering services.

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